Electronic Materials

Electronic Materials-1

Electronic Materials ( 光電產業 )

Brilliant colors and high resolution – chances are high that the latest display screen technologies applied in PCs, laptops, and mobile handsets incorporate Buhler know-how. Buhler bead mills or three-roll mills are suitable for manufacturing color filter dispersions for all types of displays. Other applications of microcircuit materials include:

Metallic pastes (electrically conductive)

Insulating pastes

Pastes for the production of capacitors



The main requirements that Buhler roller mills and bead mills fulfill in these applications are: metal-free and gentle processing (no ferritic or other foreign particles in the material). Buhler mills meet these requirements easily, thanks to the use of ceramic rolls in roller mills and metal-free, polyurethane-coated processing zones in bead mills.

MicroMedia® P1

為Buhler 奈米研磨最新設計之機型,適用小磨球:300 µm ~ 20 µm,可研磨到20nm,粒徑可達到奈米級之需求