Cosmetics ( 化妝品產業 )

To ensure that cosmetics meet customers’ exacting demands, renowned producers rely on top-class, dependable Buhler technology. 

Wet microgrinding technology is increasingly attracting the attention of global leaders in the production of cosmetics. The following benefits distinguish this technology:


Improved coloring power with smaller pigment volumes

 Sophisticated color effects

 Shorter production times and therefore more efficient production


Buhler offers the relevant equipment, process experience, and global service that satisfy the most exacting demands:


The K60

conical bead mill (special model for processing cosmetics) offers the following advantages:


(Ⅰ) Short CPScleaning time     

Small volume with high flow rate by processing pasty products and applying high specific energy inputs.

(Ⅱ) No choking           

No danger of choking, thanks to the conical grinding chamber design and the slot separator.

(Ⅲ) Cooling              

Sophisticated cooling system with cooled rotor, stator, and separation ring.

 (Ⅳ) High viscosity range          

1000 – 5000 CPS