Digital printing

Digital printing

Inkjet printing inks ( 數位噴墨業 )


Buhler wet microgrinding technology satisfies the rising requirements in the field of rapidly growing inkjet ink production.

Regardless of whether UV-, water- or solvent-based inkjet inks are involved – the inks manufactured on the basis of Buhler wet grinding technology set new standards:

‧  Particle size reduction to less than 100 nm

‧  Narrow particle size distribution

‧  Intensive cooling for processing temperature-sensitive vehicle systems

‧  PU-coated processing zone for processing abrasive pigments

‧  Range of machines for linear process scale-up

‧  Batch sizes from 0.5 to 5000 liters Buhler offers equipment meeting the most stringent demands:

 DCP Superflow®

‧  良好的冷卻設計及定義的磨球及材料之運動軌跡,故可以大大地提高研磨材料之色澤(gloss)、透明度(transparency)、顏色強度(color strength)及粒徑(fineness),如此可以提高品質,降低pigment之成本,增加產能

‧  主要特色為利用大流量、小磨球、高轉速、大的能量密度

‧  研磨室之體積小,產能越高時,則為較好之研磨機。因可降低漿料殘餘量以方便洗車

‧  可使用磨球:ψ0.2 – 1.4 mm,磨球充填率可達100%

‧  研磨室體積:1.2 to 72 liters

MicroMedia® Series

為Buhler 為奈米研磨最新設計之機型,適用小磨球:20 µm ~ 300 µm,可以研磨到 8nm,粒徑可以達到奈米級之需求。